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Centeris: The Right Combination.


Centeris is the most secure and efficient data center campus in the Pacific Northwest providing strategic carrier interconnections to augment regional network resiliency and serving a critical hubbing function for transpacific data communications.

Our data centers offer a highly secure, technologically advanced and energy efficient environment for your content, cloud, enterprise and mission critical applications.

Strategically located, Centeris maximizes usage of clean energy generated from hydroelectric and wind sources, while providing natural protection against environmental uncertainties.


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Colocation Solutions

Our colocation services are robust, reliable, always available and affordable.  Centeris has options for businesses of all sizes including high-power density cages, secure private suites and pods.  We provide flexible and scalable power densities of between 3kW and 30kW of power per rack, allowing you to have a mix of densities in an unified pod, only drawing the power you need to each individual rack.   In addition, Centeris can locate all of your equipment in one place, making it easy to manage while eliminating extra interconnects.  If you want to add a new server to your rack, you can simply add more power to support it.  Learn More >


Disaster Recovery

Downtime is one of the biggest IT expenses that any business can face. Centeris high performance solutions safeguard your mission critical data, maintain productivity and eliminate single points of failure.  Centeris is uniquely suited to provide disaster recovery services, both as a primary and redundant data center for general enterprise purposes, as well as power-intensive areas such as cloud, rich content and media, gaming, and more.  In short, Centeris provides the benefits of being in a major metro area without the risks. Learn More >



Services CA DataCenter

California Data Center Alternative

Companies from California already rely on Centeris for active-active, mirror, backup and archive purposes.  The Seattle Metro is a fast growing complement to Silicon Valley for cloud, enterprise, gaming and content capitalizing on the area’s abundant tech talent and lower costs.  Centeris provides geographic redundancy, minimal latency, plentiful and affordable power, and a gateway to Asia, via our Transpacific Hub®.   With California challenges increasing and unlikely to reverse, Centeris offers lower costs, exceeds performance requirements and future proof capacity. Learn More >


Powered Shell

Offering high power capacity and scalability, SH2 is a powered-shell ready to be built out to your specifications. Highly flexible, with 80,000-174,000 square feet of fully configurable white space available for your exact mission critical requirements. SH2 provides all the benefits of being located on the SH private 86-acre campus including robust connectivity and gateway to Asia, via our Transpacific Hub®.   Centeris makes fast deployment possible with a 12 – 24 megawatt build-out commissioned in 9 – 12 months.  Learn More >





At Centeris, we have a unique combination of massive capacity, power and flexibility enabling us to build custom data centers or office offerings specifically to suit your organization’s needs.  We have up to 1.5 million square feet available for purpose-built dedicated or shared data center facilities, all on our highly secure 86-acre campus.  With a 50 MW dedicated onsite substation; expandable in 25 MW increments, you’ll never run out of space or power. Learn More >