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Centeris: The Right Combination.

ServicesCA Data Center Alternative

The Smart Choice 

When choosing a data center solution, today’s smart enterprise seek the right combination of assets to reliably and cost-effectively host their mission critical data today and in the future.  Centeris Seattle SH is located at the nexus center of global communications with its high concentration of technology talent, scalable industrial IT capacity and the green low cost power hungry requirements demand.  Located in the Seattle metro without the in city risks, companies from California already rely on rock solid Centeris SH as their primary or secondary data center for high performance compute, active-active, cloud computing, mirror, backup and archive purposes.    

Strategically Located

Seattle is the world’s cloud capital thanks to Amazon, Microsoft and an exploding number of startups focused on cloud infrastructure and services.    A decade after Google set-up shop, Seattle has seen an invasion of Silicon Valley companies with engineering offices exploiting the confluence of the region’s immense tech talent pool, lower costs, available resources, minimal latency and convenience eliminating geographic boundaries while providing secure redundancy.

Direct Routes to CA + Gateway to Asia

Centeris’ Transpacific Hub® brings global connectivity to your space providing the most direct link to the U.S. and Asia, delivering the shortest latency, reduced costs plus redundant north and south fiber routes up and down the West Coast. Centeris SH ecosystem customers gain uninterruptible access to dense fiber networks connecting key Network Access Points (NAPs) and Points of Presence (POPs) including direct links to Seattle’s Westin Building Exchange, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles as well as nearby subsea cable stations to the most important access points in Asia.

Never Run Out of Space or Power

We built Centeris specifically for today's Internet, with affordable, and always available massive power capacity to suit any business. Your business gets direct access to a 50-megawatt dual-fed, dedicated onsite substation that we can expand in 25 megawatt increments. If you happen to be growing fast, our 86-acre campus ensures you'll never outgrow space or capacity. Our on-demand services allow you to be nimble and quick, as we can easily add or adjust capacity based on your growth requirements or changing needs.  With California power and water challenges increasing and unlikely to reverse, Centeris Seattle reduces your risks while delivering lower costs and exceeding performance requirements.


Highly Efficient Evaporative Cooling

Centeris' technology leadership extends to energy and environmental design. At the most basic level, our power sources are hydro and wind, giving our customers unmatched access to abundant clean, sustainable sources.  We've also designed our LEED Gold facilities to be highly energy efficient with a low 1.3 annualized PUE. Our evaporative cooling system that utilizes 100% outside air, saves 35% or more in energy and maintenance costs making Centeris the superior choice for California companies.

“With more than 65 million active users of our cloud-based games, we truly have zero margin for error.  Centeris’ reliable uptime, security, ability to easily handle our growth and needs in areas ranging from high density rack deployments to overall ease-of-use makes them an invaluable partner.”

IT Director, Global Cloud Gaming Company Headquartered in Bay Area