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Centeris: The Right Combination.

Centeris Advantages

With the most advanced and efficient data centers in the Pacific Northwest, companies from a diverse group of industries choose Centeris to protect their mission critical data. Delivering robust, scalable and reliable solutions our data centers are designed to support your needs in IT, cloud services, gaming, big data, biotech, e-commerce and more. We're dedicated to providing you with a plug-and-play experience that connects your business to a network that's relied upon by leading global enterprises.


Advantages Power Capacity

Power + Capacity

Largest available power-ready facilities in the US

Centeris now brings the U.S. and Asia access to an unmatched combination of sustainable power, capacity and connectivity. Our 86-acre Seattle-area campus provides unmatched power, designed for today's IT production systems. Your business gets easy and direct access to a 50-megawatt dedicated onsite substation that we can expand in 25 megawatt increments. If you happen to be growing fast, our dedicated campus ensures you'll never outgrow capacity with Centeris. No matter the size of business, we customize our services to accommodate your needs and are positioned to exceed the power-hungry requirements of highly dense deployments. We own our buildings and the land they're on, giving us unique flexibility to design, build and respond based on your needs.



Reliable high-speed connections to the most important access points.

Centeris provides high-speed, carrier-neutral connectivity through Level 3, Comcast, CenturyLink, Zayo, Verizon and Wave. In addition, Centeris has made a large investment in dark fiber to connect directly to the WBX (Westin Business Exchange). Through our multiple on site carriers and our partnership with Wave, Centeris offers the connectivity you want, hassle free.

Advantages Connectivity


Advantages Cloud Image


Built to power your cloud infrastructure.

The cloud is redefining core IT and business processes for organizations of all size, with much of the world's innovation taking place right here in Seattle. Centeris has designed our infrastructure to provide space, power and cooling for cloud service providers. In everything we do, we factor accommodations for the cloud.



Sustainable and powerful.

Centeris' technology leadership extends to energy and environmental design. At the most basic level, our power sources are hydro and wind, giving our customers unmatched access to abundant clean, sustainable sources. We've also designed our LEED Gold facilities to be highly energy efficient. Our evaporative cooling system that utilizes 100% outside air, saving 35% or more in energy and maintenance costs.



Scalable Icon


We built Centeris specifically for today's Internet, with massive power capacity to suit any business. Because we are always able to expand, you'll never outgrow our capacity. Our capacity-on-demand services allow you to be nimble and quick, as we can easily add or adjust capacity based on your growth requirements or changing needs.

Security Icon


We offer the industry's highest levels of security on dedicated, private campuses. In addition to providing 24/7/365 manned security, we own our buildings, all located on highly secure, buffered campuses.  We also deploy closed-circuit TV site monitoring, biometric and card controls, mantraps, visitor and shipment screening, perimeter and individual security fencing.

Organization Icon

Operational Excellence

Your business demands an efficient and hassle-free experience.  At Centeris, our dedicated team provides exceptional service and customization to ensure that you get exactly what makes the most sense for your business. We work collaboratively with you to determine your needs and build a solution to match.

Reliability Icon

Reliability and Performance

We engineered our high-performance data centers with redundant connectivity and superior on-site infrastructure to provide the most reliable and consistent experience possible. We exceed 99.999% uptime and continuously monitor all operations and infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Icon

Disaster Recovery

Centeris is uniquely suited to provide disaster recovery services, both as a primary and redundant data center.  Companies come to Centeris because while we’re conveniently located near a major city, our Seattle-area campus is built on solid bedrock, exceeds seismic standards and has reliable access to low-cost hydro power. We provide mission-critical disaster recovery services for general enterprise purposes, as well as power-intensive areas such as cloud, rich content and media, gaming, and more. In short, Centeris provides the benefits of being in a major metro area without the risks.

Flexibility Icon


No matter the size of your business, Centeris offers the flexibility to design, build and respond based specifically on your needs. You can have just what you need, whether it’s a high-power density cabinet, secure private suite or cage, a custom tailored pod, or even an entire building.  Flexibility allows you to optimize your IT investments and we can easily adjust to meet your fast-changing demands.